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bleach seiyuu….totemo sugoIII..


yesterday mie bro told mie to watch diz video from youtube bout four bleach seiyuu, masakazu morita (kurosaki ichigo), ryotaro okiayu (kuchiki byakuya), kentarou itou (abarai renji) & kouji yusa (ichimaru gin) playin new bleach nitendo games (at least new to mie although it hs been 2 yrs ago). OMG! awesome!!!! really2 super funny. Bleach die hard fan MUST MUST MUST watch it!!! Diz is da only chance you’ve got to see kuchiki taichou smiling & laughing!!!! shinjirarenai… lol(><) totemo kawaiiiiiiiii. n kouji yusa too really looks like gin. ureshiii ne…i want to become a seiyuu too!!! lol

byakuya VS renji

ichigo VS gin

ichigo VS renji

byakuya VS gin


OrIcOn funniest manga


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In a survey conducted in February, Oricon asked 900 men and women between the ages of 10 and 40 to name the funniest manga they had read. While a wide variety of answers were given, the highest ranking one was “Gintama,” favored mainly by female readers.

One Piece” came in second, while “Ping Pong Club” tied with “Sexy Commando” for #3. “Gyagu Manga Biyori,” the only title to make the top 5 among both men and women, ranked in at #5.

“Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku” and “Nodame Cantabile” tied for #6. At #8 was the long-running “Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo,” which made the top of the men’s list. The last two titles in the Top 10 were “Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar” and “Lovely Complex.”


Source: Oricon

OrIcOn:which manga would u like to see in Hollywood


Given the recent trend of American filmmakers picking up the rights to make movies based on anime and manga properties, Oricon polled 900 people, asking them which manga series they would like to see redone by Hollywood.The #1 choice was “Death Note,” which has already spawned three films in Japan and is perhaps the most likely of the Top 5 list to ever see a successful Hollywood version. #2 was the much less likely “One Piece.” It was followed by a more reasonable choice of “Slam Dunk,” which inspired the Taiwanese movie “Kung Fu Dunk” that was released earlier this year.

Tied for the #4 spot were two lesser known classics: Akimi Yoshida’s “Banana Fish” and Naoki Urasawa‘s “Monster.” It was announced in 2005 that the latter would get a film version scripted by Josh Olson (“A History of Violence”), but almost nothing about the project has been announced since then, even though the film is reportedly dated for a 2009 release.




Source: Oricon

OricOn manga Masters

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Training for work can be unpleasant without the right instructor. To see who people felt would make a good teacher, Oricon surveyed men and women in their twenties to forties and asked them which master-like character from a manga they would want to learn from.

The number one choice, with 18.4% of the respondents’ approval, was Anzai-sensei from “Slam Dunk.” Second was Kame Sennin, also known as Muten-Roshi (or Master Roshi), from “Dragonball” with 12.3% of the votes. Third place, which was named by only 8.4% of the people polled, was Kakashi Hatake of “Naruto.”

The rest of the top ten, in order, were: Karin-sama (“Dragonball”), Genkai (“Yu Yu Hakusho”), Aban (“Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken”), Fujiwara-no-Sai (“Hikaru no Go”), Kami-sama (“Dragonball”), Hiko Seijuro (“Rurouni Kenshin“), and the Kaio (“Dragonball”).

Franz von Stresemann of “Nodame Cantabile” was ranked 5th by women, while Roberto Hongo of “Captain Tsubasa” tied for 5th in the men’s ranking.


Source: Oricon

OrIcOn: faVorite mangaka


Oricon recently surveyed 600 people, asking them who their favorite mangaka were. At the top of the list was Ai Yazawa (“NANA,” “Paradise Kiss“), who was ranked #1 by female respondents. Behind her was the men’s favorite, Akira Toriyama (“Dragonball,” “Dr. Slump”).

The next two spots were held by Takehiko Inoue (“Slam Dunk”) and Mitsuru Adachi (“Touch,” “H2“). Both authors appeared in the top 5 lists by men and women.

Yoshihiro Togashi (“YuYu Hakusho”) tied with Eiichiro Oda (“One Piece“) for #5. “20th Century Boys” author Naoki Urasawa ranked at 7th.

#8 saw another tie, between the well-known group CLAMP (“X,” “Cardcaptor Sakura”) and Fujiko F. Fujio (half of the duo that produced “Doraemon”). Rounding out the list was famed artist Osamu Tezuka (“Astro Boy”).

The survey comments revealed that women focused more on artists’ designs while men were more interested in storylines.


Source: Oricon

OrIcOn most interesting manga


A recent Oricon survey asked 300 teenagers (ages 14-19) to name the most interesting manga series they had read. The long-running adventure manga “One Piece” was ranked #1, followed by the classic basketball manga “Slam Dunk.”“Dragonball” and “Death Note” tied for 3rd, while the comedy series “Gintama” took 5th. “Lovely Complex” split the #6 spot with “Nodame Cantabile.”

At #8 was “Detective Conan,” beating out “Hana Yori Dango,” which tied for #9 with “Fullmetal Alchemist.”

Source: Oricon

Kanata Hongo to star in “GOTH” movie


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Kanata Hongo has been cast in the lead role of “GOTH,” a live-action film adaptation of a novel by popular author Otsuichi. The story, about two high school students who have a strange fascination with murder, won a Honkaku Mystery Prize in 2003. Last October, it was announced that the American movie studio Fox Atomic was planning its own adaptation of the book.

Hongo’s co-star is new actress Rin Takanashi. Gen Takahashi is directing, and filming has already been completed. Theatrical release is scheduled for late December.

Source: Sankei Sports