meido cafe: Code Geass cosplay


Taken from Sankaku Complex

Want something with a difference? A maid cafe without the maids? Well we got the thing for you! Cafe Geass will feature the cosplay of all the characthers in Code Geass. The menu would be mostly based on the series (more tea my dear sir) and also will reflect the characters (expect Pizza for C.C. and Hamburger for Kallen).

The café, Café Mai:lish, is actually a maid café keen to branch out, and the Code Geass theme will be a temporary one, operating this month from the 19th to 21st, and the 26th to 28th, for a total of six days, so fans of cosplay, themed cafes and Code Geass will need to be prompt.

You can see their staff (maids) on this page, complete with 2D illustrations.

Given the popularity of Code Geass, it might almost be able to sustain a dedicated café (surely if miko can manage their own café, Lelouch and company can too), though the maid boom seems to be quiescent for the time being, so now might not be a good time.

Via Gigazine.

credits from linkinstreet@anime-shrine


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