OrIcOn: faVorite mangaka


Oricon recently surveyed 600 people, asking them who their favorite mangaka were. At the top of the list was Ai Yazawa (“NANA,” “Paradise Kiss“), who was ranked #1 by female respondents. Behind her was the men’s favorite, Akira Toriyama (“Dragonball,” “Dr. Slump”).

The next two spots were held by Takehiko Inoue (“Slam Dunk”) and Mitsuru Adachi (“Touch,” “H2“). Both authors appeared in the top 5 lists by men and women.

Yoshihiro Togashi (“YuYu Hakusho”) tied with Eiichiro Oda (“One Piece“) for #5. “20th Century Boys” author Naoki Urasawa ranked at 7th.

#8 saw another tie, between the well-known group CLAMP (“X,” “Cardcaptor Sakura”) and Fujiko F. Fujio (half of the duo that produced “Doraemon”). Rounding out the list was famed artist Osamu Tezuka (“Astro Boy”).

The survey comments revealed that women focused more on artists’ designs while men were more interested in storylines.


Source: Oricon


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