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Training for work can be unpleasant without the right instructor. To see who people felt would make a good teacher, Oricon surveyed men and women in their twenties to forties and asked them which master-like character from a manga they would want to learn from.

The number one choice, with 18.4% of the respondents’ approval, was Anzai-sensei from “Slam Dunk.” Second was Kame Sennin, also known as Muten-Roshi (or Master Roshi), from “Dragonball” with 12.3% of the votes. Third place, which was named by only 8.4% of the people polled, was Kakashi Hatake of “Naruto.”

The rest of the top ten, in order, were: Karin-sama (“Dragonball”), Genkai (“Yu Yu Hakusho”), Aban (“Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken”), Fujiwara-no-Sai (“Hikaru no Go”), Kami-sama (“Dragonball”), Hiko Seijuro (“Rurouni Kenshin“), and the Kaio (“Dragonball”).

Franz von Stresemann of “Nodame Cantabile” was ranked 5th by women, while Roberto Hongo of “Captain Tsubasa” tied for 5th in the men’s ranking.


Source: Oricon


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