OrIcOn:which manga would u like to see in Hollywood


Given the recent trend of American filmmakers picking up the rights to make movies based on anime and manga properties, Oricon polled 900 people, asking them which manga series they would like to see redone by Hollywood.The #1 choice was “Death Note,” which has already spawned three films in Japan and is perhaps the most likely of the Top 5 list to ever see a successful Hollywood version. #2 was the much less likely “One Piece.” It was followed by a more reasonable choice of “Slam Dunk,” which inspired the Taiwanese movie “Kung Fu Dunk” that was released earlier this year.

Tied for the #4 spot were two lesser known classics: Akimi Yoshida’s “Banana Fish” and Naoki Urasawa‘s “Monster.” It was announced in 2005 that the latter would get a film version scripted by Josh Olson (“A History of Violence”), but almost nothing about the project has been announced since then, even though the film is reportedly dated for a 2009 release.




Source: Oricon


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