1st manga read after final shiken


WANTED by Hino Matsuri

WANTED by Hino Matsuri


Diz one-shot manga is about Armeria, an orphan girl that is part of entertainment troupe who sings for work. One day, while da group was at Governor-General Lanceman’s mansion, she meets Luce Lanceman, da Governor-General’s nephew, whom lost his parents when he was young n would inherit his Governor-General’s position after he passes away. Armeria fell in love with Luce (major hot stuff), but unfortunately, got captured by pirate, Skulls, while he was showing her the armeria flower. Seeing Skulls ‘shinigami’ tattoo on his chest, Armeria swear to herself that one day she’ll rescue Luce from da hands of the pirates. Eight years later, Arto (who actually Armeria dressed as a boy) looking for a job as a deck hand on pirate ships. Turns out that she had spent da last 8 years looking for Luce whom she still cannot forget. Armeria/Arto boards da same pirate ship dat kidnapped Luce only to be told by Captain Scar dat Luce is dead.

Da main reason mie luv diz manga: MANGAKA

Yup. Da same mangaka of vampire knight. If u luv VK, u would certainly luv diz manga too. Hmmm…Luce resembles Zero but more cool, Armeria resembles yuuki n da navy commander is quite similar to Kaname (short hair version of Kaname n cuter). Overall is ok lah, but still VK is da best. Gambaru yo Hino-sama.

~ Hino-sama~ da 1st mangaka ever dat makes mie fell in luvvv wif shoujo manga.


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