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3rd seiyuu award


Seiyuu award is back. BAnzaiiii πŸ™‚ BUT this year is rather special. YES you can VOTE!!

The 3rd Seiyuu Award will have a new category β€œOverseas Fan Coice Award”. As the name suggests, this is an award open to overseas fans, even those living in Japan, to vote for their favourite seiyuu.

Voting will be done via Internet.

So what are you guyzz waitin’ for , hayaku and VOTE HERE. Make sure you make a right decision πŸ˜‰

So guess who did i vote????


Sore ja….

Be sure to vote!!! XOXO


school’s back


wargh!!!! sob..sob..wargh!!! 😦

“bile mule skolah…” quoted fom my mom every time my new sem begin.

“i dun want to go back. i dun want to go back to shah alam. i hate shah alam. there’s nothing there”. i kept repeating da same old sentences for every begining of new semester and including today, i guess it has been 8 times. 8 times??? means that i’m now in my 8th and final semester. banzai!!!! πŸ™‚

(sigh)….Remember people always said that life is a circle? I only belived that when da new sem begin bcoz i kept doing the same thing for every day in a week. this sem i think it’s gonna be worst coz we have to spent 4 days per week for a hospital attachment and a day for case presentation. my nightmare routine:

  • 6.30 am= wake up, pray, bath
  • 7.30 am=go to hospital by bus (provided by the faculty)
  • 8.00 am=start working
  • 4.30 pm=finish working
  • 5.00 pm=gym (sob..sob… compulsory!!! target: lost 30kg in 10 weeks before the next GACC. i wanna wear coaplay!!!) tasukete!!!!
  • 7.00 pm=dinner
  • 8.30 pm-12.00 am=online, daydreamin, if i have enough strength, i will benkyo. if not, i usually sleep as early as 10 pm. πŸ™‚

tsumaranai ne…in other words…no youth life have been wasted. althought i’m not really sure whether i like the course i’m taking now,Β  i will try my very best to finished it for my parents sake. YOSH!!! GAmbarzo!!!

“there’s a blessing in disguise”. yes abah. i agreed on what you said. althought i hate shah alam very much, i realized that staying in shah alam makes me closer to my source of inspiration and happiness…..anime and manga πŸ™‚ . As shah alam is quite near to KL, i always lepak-ing at kinokuniya to buy manga, myojo, junon..bla..bla..Then went to timesquare’s boarders and sg. wang to have a japanese buffet with my bro at the 6th floor and also is da place where ACGC and ACF were held. Get da anime DVD and merchandise at kotaraya and jalan sultan, near puduraya. Then, hang out wif my rumate at cineleisure where sun comic’s located. Mid-valley where we had the most delicious teppanyaki ever~umaiiiii~. and Frequently lepak-ing at sunway pyramid, where we had takoyaki, mr teppanyaki, susuhi king,Β  strolling at the asian avenue n bought anime poster n other merchandise at animetech n suncomic there. Most important is that CF was held there!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

c ya @ GACC 2009.



CF comes again diz year. As usual, lazy to write….just look at some pics as a pic tells a thousand words πŸ™‚

Da banner:

Da ticket:

Da stage:

CF 08 CM:

CF 08 opening video by edo:

From da doujin booth:

Da cosplayers:


wif DMC's johannes krauser II

wif DMC's johannes krauser II

SATSUGAI!!!!! u’re rox bro!!

Performance by da cosplayers~Tell me- Wonder Girls~:

Da figurine mall:



it’s been awhile since mie last post. gomenne… mie is lil bz & crazy wif FYP & ASSignment. nway, it’s over now.YAY!!!!

SEM 7 RESULT???? don’t u dare ask dat!!! n i dun care wat othr people got either.

p/s: mak, abah, i’m sorry. i’m not interested 2 further study anymore. just lemme do wat i think is da best 4 mie. sob…sob…hontoni gome! emo plak…