Monthly Archives: February 2009

Stomp The Yard


Forget japonophile for just diz one post pal:)

Diz is what we called a dance!!! although i may be somehow outdated (released on january 2007), but who cares. Diz muvie is so damn cool. Ne-yo n Chris brown were involved too. n chris brown looks superiorly cute! da muvie was on star muvie last couple of weeks n i didnt manage to watched it. so my sis bought me a dvd. luv u sis…

so pal….let’s get on the floor….


THETA NU THETA DANCE MOVEMENT: go snake!!! supercool

FINAL DANCE BATTLE: Gamma Xi VS Theta nu Theta

DJ is damn cute when he said “Gamma who?, one word”…..B*****S 🙂