am I a HIKIKOMORIans ?????



Hiku (引く): to draw back or recede.
Komoru (篭る): to seclude oneself or be confined.
Hikikomori (引き籠もり): A person who isolates themself and refuses all human contact for long periods of time, often years. The term also refers to the entire social phenomenon.


  1. Middle class affluence in a post industrial society such as Japan allows parents to support and feed an adult child in the home indefinitely. (mak & abah  mmg syang kat aku….so what’s da big deal…jealousy makes sumone ugly my fren…:) )Lower-income families do not have hikikomori children because a socially withdrawing youth is forced to work outside the home.
  2. The inability of Japanese parents to recognize and act upon the youth’s slide into isolation; soft parenting; or even a codependent collusion between mother and son, known as amae in Japanese. (kan dah ckap… mak ngan abah mmg sayang kat adikkk….)
  3. A decade of flat economic indicators and a shaky job market in Japan makes the pre-existing system requiring years of competitive schooling for elite jobs appear like a pointless effort to many. While Japanese fathers of the current generation of youth still enjoy lifetime employment at multinational corporations, incoming employees in Japan enjoy no such guarantees in today’s job market. Some younger Japanese people begin to suspect that the system put in place for their grandfathers and fathers no longer works, and for some, the lack of a clear life goal makes them susceptible to social withdrawal as a hikikomori. (totally disagree!!! i know exactly wat am i goin’ 2 do with my life).


  1. complete social withdrawal (x suke g party, bbq,  kenduri kawin, rumah sedare time raye ataupun x raye, x suke kuar ngan kawan time cuti sem).
  2. lock in a room for prolonged periods (bl tgh tgk anime best, manga best, kalo lapo kuar jgk carik mkan sbb x pndai masak 😦 )
  3. have few friends (oya n odah je. tu pun odah suke kuar ngan kawan die. die tau aku ni mls nk kuar except nk cari mkn je. mntak maaf ye kawan. kwan skolah pun dh tau sgt prangai hikikomori aku yg ntah ap2 tu. time dinner nye slide presentation pun aku x de. aku bg gambo utk year book pun setelah diugut. X KESAHHH.
    CONCLUSION: aku x kesah pun x de kawan…i’m used to it)

  4. set their own sleep schedules (mmg hobi aku)
  5. typically waking in the afternoon and going to bed early in the morning (tido sapanjang ari kalo x tgk anime @ bace manga).
  6. days are characterized by long spells of sleeping, while nighttime hours are spent watching TV, drawing, playing computer games, surfing the Internet, reading, listening to music, and other non-social activities. (ku mmg TV addict tp x pndai lukis, so x melukis tp suke mewarne ala2 hobi zaman elementary school, surfing internet…itu nyaweku, reading…manga, j-pop asia, tokyograph n blogs only, listening to music…of course J-pop n anime music)


minna-sama tasukete kure!!!!!



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  1. yEP! AKU pun HIkiKOmori!! eh eh~ tak sangka la kiter same :3!
    hahah! XD aku full hikikomori. so 2/2 eh? XD

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