koi no abo~ NEWS


its been awhile since i last heard any new single from NEWS.

diz is da latest single from them, debut on 7th April *not sure* when though. SUGOII na umai ga… they’ve got d no 1 spot in Oricon chart.



evryone is changin’ now. they really grown up, esp. Kato-kun.

Kato-kun sugoi kawaii. *melt…melt…melt…* when he smile. d killer smile ^_^ ❤

YamaP…dun like his hairstyle now. Blonde makes him look older thn his age. Likes his hair in Kurosagi. black is prfect for him.

Ryo-chan….still like b4. dun care bout him either.

Kei-chan….luks da same.

Tesshi…..kawaii as he alwayz been.

Takahisa Masuda…..doushite??? u’re da one dat i like most, but wat happen 2 u dear. ur hair  doesnt suit u. ermmm….i wan d old Takahisa-kun 😦


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  1. haha.. this is so unexpected from newS. it’s so disco-tic!! i really enjoy this song but yes, yamapi’s new curly hair doesn’t really suit him. it makes him look more matured.

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