diz year will be my 1st time cosplaying… (at last aftr how many yrs taking pics of cozers..sort of

basically as a 1st timer people rather choose simple one…like cos from bleach rite…

so i decided to do ukitake juushiro…


so all i need now r;

  1. costume of courze, the hakama, obi & hiori (long story…later ill xplain ne…)
  2. long white silver wigs ( in process of buying one)
  3. waraji sandals (bought)
  4. katana or zanpaktou (waiting for migryl to confirm again)

FTW……bad me!!!

i ended up ordering a different costume. not one but 2 of them. im nutzz:

zz11-1a VK night class uniform include the armband… my father gonna kill me!!!

he wont allow me to wear that kind of skirt (like mini skirt type…ya..u noe jap school gurls luv to wear that kind oo)…so i ask the tailor to make the skirt longer..ok oyaji…settle

n here comes another one:


i luv rozen maiden so much. feels like wanna cos all of the dolls ne… aiya…need to find okane for wigs again doh..

at 1st i was a bit*ding-dong* either wan to order suiseiseki cos or a maid dress…

if minna-san is wondering why,,,diz is bcoz i just bought a headdress ma… but no dress to wear with the headdress. so i decides to buy a maid dress. bad me….i only noe how to waste money:

loli headdress

so i ask my mum n frenz wether the maid dress (below) is better for me to wear or the green dress for suiseiseki. not even single one of them like the maid dress below…huhuhu..i said i luv black (the truth is no wigs is needed if i wear maid dress de), but they said maid dress is common & simple, whereas suiseiseki’s dress is more detail…wat evr,,,at last i agree with them n ended up ordering it.

p/s: xtually i want them both…but u noe…as for sumone whos just finished studying n waiting for posting…easy to say ‘UNEMPLOYED’…where ter hell can i find okane??

otousan…thnx for sponsoring my costume…etto…etto…can i hv one more… onegaishimasu…just for diz time…^__^

maid dress

maid dress

i bought 2 costume….n im dead BROKE!!!!

i need okane to buy bleach cos…& the wigs to!!!

& to make thing worssse…i already joined the bleach group for diz year CF.. if they found out that i still dun hv the cos…they’ll definitely cekik me. warghhh


dun tell me to get it at animetech. currently they dun hv stock

As for my future plan, i really wan to cos any characters from 07- ghost like:


p/s: as for now…i shud study…coz work will start very soon….n my memory of 4 yrs studying are all GONE!!! benkyo o shite kudasaiii


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