4th seiyuu awardz


  yup…yup…yup…its back….hayaku & votez  here!!!

Da’ awards ceremony will be held @ The Tokyo Anime Centre in Akihabara on March 6, nxt year. WISHHHH i could be thereeeee.

Last year i voted for him (unfortunately, he didnt won d’ awardz):

Katsuyuki Konishi

 but , D’ overseas fan choice awards 2009 goes to da’ super kawaiiiii :

fukuyama jun

Diz year……ano….etto…etto…i cant made up mie mind (tasukete!!tasukete!!) either wan to vote:

Paku Romi

who’s d’ voice cast of mie 2 favourite characters, hitsugaya taichou & edward elric or diz, mie lifetime  most favourite seiyuu;


Miyano Mamoru


lurve them BOTHHHHHHHH

Paku & Mamo-chan


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