Monthly Archives: August 2010

wargh!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!!


here’s top 3 my muvie waiting list for diz ending year & early nxt year!!!!!!!!

no 3 goes to —-> BECK


mizushima hiro & takeru sato (^___^)… wat a lurvely couple ne….

no 2 goes to —-> GANTZ

here’s da trailer….

aim for hongo kanata ORZ 🙂

and number 1 goes to ———–> KIMI NI TODOKE (YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!)

just seeing da trailer makes my heart goes tachycardia….

MIURA HARUMA dear!!!!!! ahhhhh *nosebleeds*
hell yeah… i wrote about this sumtimes ago
set to b released on sptember 25th!!!
so guyz, seriously wake me up when september begins.

ps: wat a crazy ‘old’ fangirlz i am ^^