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monsTer hunTer portable 3rd


lets share the kawaiism of haruma-chan




wake me up when september begins ^^ lolzzz

alice, T-virus, umbrella corp, zombies…..aitakatta yo!

ESCW 2008 (DotA)

taken from GEMPAK mag issue 214, october 15

taken from GEMPAK mag issue 214, october15

Yayyy!!! thumbs up to Malaysia team for winning 2nd place in “Warcraft Defense of Ancients” game (5v5 DotA) during electronic sports world cup (ESWC 2008), which was held in San Jose Convention Center in California, US, from 25th to 27th of August. Omedeto gozaimasu…Sugoii na kimitachi wa….. Diz ESWC was conducted since 2003 by the Games Services, which was da 1st time conducted outside France diz year.  Malaysian team, Kingsurf, defeats Pakistan (S3X), Sweden (SK gaming), Canada (Nafu), France (serious gaming) & US (evil geniuses) to become grup A winner and met Singoporean team, Zenith (winner of grup B), for final round. S’pore gots 1st place. Sob..sob… nway Kingsurf, good job!!! Itz a ‘WORLD’ cup wat. Gambaru yo for nxt year ESWC. MALAYSIA BOLEH!

bleach seiyuu….totemo sugoIII..


yesterday mie bro told mie to watch diz video from youtube bout four bleach seiyuu, masakazu morita (kurosaki ichigo), ryotaro okiayu (kuchiki byakuya), kentarou itou (abarai renji) & kouji yusa (ichimaru gin) playin new bleach nitendo games (at least new to mie although it hs been 2 yrs ago). OMG! awesome!!!! really2 super funny. Bleach die hard fan MUST MUST MUST watch it!!! Diz is da only chance you’ve got to see kuchiki taichou smiling & laughing!!!! shinjirarenai… lol(><) totemo kawaiiiiiiiii. n kouji yusa too really looks like gin. ureshiii ne…i want to become a seiyuu too!!! lol

byakuya VS renji

ichigo VS gin

ichigo VS renji

byakuya VS gin