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kuroSHITsuji musical ~at last~

currently listening to Yuuya Matsushita ~trust me~

ahhhhh….kakkoi matsushita-sama

my butler…….a singer…too ^__^




Most bodacious news for May’n fans in Asia – May’n is to perform her “BIG☆WAAAAAVE!!” concert series this March to audiences in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: March 7th
  • Hong Kong: March 19th
  • Taipei, Taiwan: March 21st


currently listening to Kiyoharu~Law’s

4th seiyuu awardz


  yup…yup…yup…its back….hayaku & votez  here!!!

Da’ awards ceremony will be held @ The Tokyo Anime Centre in Akihabara on March 6, nxt year. WISHHHH i could be thereeeee.

Last year i voted for him (unfortunately, he didnt won d’ awardz):

Katsuyuki Konishi

 but , D’ overseas fan choice awards 2009 goes to da’ super kawaiiiii :

fukuyama jun

Diz year……ano….etto…etto…i cant made up mie mind (tasukete!!tasukete!!) either wan to vote:

Paku Romi

who’s d’ voice cast of mie 2 favourite characters, hitsugaya taichou & edward elric or diz, mie lifetime  most favourite seiyuu;


Miyano Mamoru


lurve them BOTHHHHHHHH

Paku & Mamo-chan

3rd Annual Seiyū Award Winners Revealed. Just as Keikaku’ed


Kadokawa Shoten’s Newtype Seiyuu award (which will take place this Monday) has been partially revealed,

Best Lead Actor Award
Hiroshi Kamiya

Best Lead Actress Award
Rie Kugimiya
(Last year’s Best Supporting Actress award-winner)

Best Supporting Actor Awards
Kazuhiko Inoue

Tomokazu Sugita

Best Supporting Actress Awards
Aya Endo

Miyuki Sawashiro

Best New Actor Awards
Nobuhiko Okamoto

Yuuki Kaji

Best New Actress Awards
Kana Asumi

Haruka Tomatsu

Best Singing Award
Megumi Nakajima

Best Personality Award
Jun Fukuyama

Sauce from AnimeNewsNetwork

3rd seiyuu award


Seiyuu award is back. BAnzaiiii 🙂 BUT this year is rather special. YES you can VOTE!!

The 3rd Seiyuu Award will have a new category “Overseas Fan Coice Award”. As the name suggests, this is an award open to overseas fans, even those living in Japan, to vote for their favourite seiyuu.

Voting will be done via Internet.

So what are you guyzz waitin’ for , hayaku and VOTE HERE. Make sure you make a right decision 😉

So guess who did i vote????


Sore ja….

Be sure to vote!!! XOXO

SEIYUU ~ voice of an angel

currently listening to SID-monochrome kiss, tommy heavenly6-papermoon & aqua timez-velonica


a seiyuu is da japanese equivalent to voice actor. although in japan, becoming a seiyuu is almost identical to being a celebrity themselves. as anime n manga now, being a global phenomenon, seiyuu r much more famous worldwide than  other japanese actors n singers. kawaii so…Being a seiyuu is a seriously taken job in japan. (hope Malaysia can be like dat too) 😦 as japan release more animation than other country. so, doing voice works, particularly for anime n video games is considered a sort of art.

a lot seiyuu hv full time voice works n hv been known to hv been popular enough to launch their own music CDs n become singers. example is mie very own mamo-chan..

other than anime n video games (mamo-chan as riku in kingdom hearts), seiyuu also contribute to radio dramas, kigurumi, theatre acting (mamo-chan in prince of tennis musical) 🙂 n japanese dubbing (mamo-chan as percy weasley in HP series).

TOP 15 mie most favourite seiyuu so far:

  1. Shin-ichiro miki
  2. Miyano Mamoru
  3. Katsuyuki Konishi
  4. Masakazu Morita
  5. Poku Romi
  6. Fukuyama Jun
  7. Ryotaro Okiayu
  8. Kentarou Itou
  9. Noriaki Sugiyama
  10. Kishio Daisuke
  11. Kenichi Suzumura
  12. Daisuke Kirii
  13. Marina Inoue
  14. Kobayashi Sunae
  15. Takahiro Sakurai

hv u guyz ever dream of becoming a seiyuu?? well..i have. from last year till da very end. of coz diz idea came from da overdose of anime n manga. (on da way of reaching toxicity level, but not yet an otaku). no laf mie frens. at first non of mie frens know wat ter hack diz seiyuu is all about. but mie kept babbling bout how sugoiii seiyuu is, how can they manipulate their voice easily, how can they make da character looks so real, how diz, how dat, how bla bla bla n how can they look so similar wif da character. Mamo-chan resembles tamaki sempai a lot. shinjirarenaiii… mie alwayz told mie frens to check out da seiyuu video (animegiga) from youtube, n see by their own eyes, how unique is someone who called seiyuu . So finally, on one fine day, on da 11th of November 2008 at about 7 p.m. , mie rumate told mie “i want to become a seiyuu”….. OMG. after one whole year talking (about seiyuu of course) alone like moron, someone at last has da same dream as mie. haaaahhhhhh. cant describe mie feelin at dat time.

so someone out there (in Malaysia) who wan to give a try of becomin a seiyuu…let us try 2gether n achieve da fame (cewahhh) GAMBATTE IKKIMASHOOO!!!!!

for further info for anyone interested of becomin a seiyuu in m’sia, contact diz number:

Filem Karya Nusa Sdn. Bhd.


phone no.: 03-7958 6562

(taken from gempak mag issue 216. Nov 15)

SEIYUU~voice of a prince

MaMO-chan as a seiyuu..

MaMo-chan as a singer. sob..sob..touchin’ ending song of koutetsu sangokushi ~KUON

MaMo-chan in prince of tennis musical..